The Passion Behind the Beat

Music Growth and History 

I always make it my mission to bring something special and vibrant to my mixes. Music has provided me with an outlet to my passion for composition and creation. Whether I am behind the decks or in the studio, I remain dedicated to bringing my own individual style. Whenever I am not performing or producing you can catch me working with the local online radio station on the #OpportunityKnocks (Click Here) show every Sunday.

Having performed at countless events all across America at everything from weddings and private parties to concerts and clubs, I’ve partied with countless people and I’m focused to become a name known by many. The purpose is to always keep looking for new and exciting ways to engage with my audience. Be sure to stay tuned so that you don’t miss a beat!

The Creative Process

Being a creator, or some would call composer, you always feel as if nothing is impossible.  Playing the keys is like musical therapy when you hear all the sounds blending and mixing together.  Words can’t express the process of what it’s like creating music.  The feeling is just natural.  Symbolically, I’m just a painter with a canvas of my own to create my masterpiece.

My life may seem easy on paper, but this is just the tip of the ice burg.  This is just food for thought, there is still much to go on.  More curveballs down the plate, but it’s up to me to hit a home run.  Ego and drive, two things one must have in order to make it and there’s no stopping me.  We’re all put on earth for a purpose to impact someone’s life.  I don’t want to touch just a life, through my music I plan to affect the world.  No dream killers or doubters for me because I’m going full speed ahead.