The Advantages Of Internet Radio

January 21, 2018

The Availability

Internet radio has been around since the 90s, and the requirements for listening to an online radio station remain practically the same. Whether PC, Maou can use software already installed on your computer to listen to streaming music online. Additionally in today’s market, online radio stations are even available on non-PC devices such as Bluetooth speakers, video game consoles and mobile phones.

The Difference

In order to receive a broadcast from a local land radio station, you must be close to it. That’s the main advantage for internet radio, there are no boundaries! You can listen to an Internet radio station regardless of your location. Many terrestrial radio stations even stream their broadcasts online. In regards to the quality of sound, traditional terrestrial radio can be subject to interference and environmental factors. Internet radio does not have that issue. Another great factor online music is less compressed and has sound quality closer to a CD. The variety of stations available on Internet radios as compared to the traditional ones is its greatest strength. If you have, say, 10 stations on your terrestrial radio, the internet radio gives you 1000. No matter how obscure, music is available for every taste and every genre. With clarity, variety and so much more to offer, it’s no wonder more people are switching from their traditional radio and to online streaming!


Another benefit of internet radio is its continuous streaming without the interruption of advertisements. While local land radio stations must broadcast a steady stream of commercials in order to make money, most internet stations have no commercials at all. Some internet stations are supported by donations and subscriptions. Advertising is becoming more of an option. With the inevitable growth of internet radio, as we continue to shift digitally, the abundance of listeners’ data will provide advertisers improved targeting, as well as awareness of their demographic. This new model will offer companies a unique opportunity to connect with the right listeners at the perfect moment. The only question remaining, what will your station sound like?

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