Uptown Hookah

November 27, 2017

I was recently presented the opportunity to become apart of a re-establishing business named Uptown Hookah Lounge. It was once a very popular lounge in the well known Richmond area of Houston. My thoughts about joining a Tuesday venue were a little hesitant at first. I was not sure what type of crown this business would draw in let alone the type of environment Tuesday nights were in the area. I always try to keep an open mind so I chose to at least give it a chance and check out the venue and form my full opinion…

Once I arrived my mind was blown at the potential. Everything was renovated with more space, a better sound system and brighter bar! The vibe is pure and space is amazing! I immediately had to get my hands into this place.
After much talk and finalizing the business side of things with the owners. Ya boy DJ Moon E. Love is in the mix every Tuesday at the “ALL NEW UPTOWN HOOKAH LOUNGE”.

-I like to live by the motto “opportunity knocks” and there is plenty of opportunity at Uptown Hookah Lounge.

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