My Soul

November 27, 2017

Nothing in the world is better than hearing your own creation.  Like every DJ or producer, every creation blend or scratch is like a child.  Each one is unique and one of a kind because its your creation, never to be duplicated but of course imitated. (and we love the flattery)

Being a musician is special, you always feel as if nothing is impossible.  Being behind turntables is like musical therapy when you hear all the sounds blending and mixing together.  Words can’t express the process of what its like orchestrating music.  The feeling is just awesome and natural.  Symbolically, I’m just a painter with a canvas of my own to create my masterpiece. We’re all put on earth for a purpose to impact someone’s life. My tool is the power of music. I don’t want to touch just a life, through my music I plan to effect the world. 

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